Special Series for BEEBUEBD can be supplied.
BE is considered to environment and purpose. It is devised to the standard series.
BU is for sublimation materials with a cover. BD is block board made of complex ceramics (BN-TiB2). Al and Ni are kept to long life by it.
Standard materials are Tungsten and Molybdenum. Tantalum can be supplies as your order

  • BD-1,BD-2:Basic type for upper vacuum evaporation.
  • BD-3:Basic type for upper vacuum evaporation.
  • BD-4EBD-5:Basic type for upper vacuum evaporation too.these products are stronger and stabler than aboves
Products name L w i d t 注文No.
BD-1 110 6 50 1.5 3 *V90101
BD-2 110 6 40 2.0 4 *V90102
BD-3 100 10 40 2.5 4 *V90103
BD-4 110 6 40 2.0 4 *V90104
BD-5 110 6 60 2.0 4 *V90105

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