The services for bonding and manufacturing backing-plates can also be provided.

Material for Optical device

for recording films Ge+α(Bi, In…), GeSeTe, AgGeSbTe etc.
for protective films ZnS-SiO2, Al2O3, Si3N4, B-Si, ZnO+α,
SiC, SiAlNx, SiO2 etc.
for reflective films Al-Ti, Al-Cr, Al-Ta, Ag合金, Al合金 etc.
for interface layer Cr2O3, GeAl, GeCr, SiC, ZnO, AlN,TiO2,ZrO2, Nb2Ox, Nb-SiO2, etc.
for Antirelection films High-n:TiO2, Nb2Ox, SrTiO3 etc.
Low-n:SiO2, SiAlN etc.
次世代記録膜用 FePtAg-C, FePtCu-C, FePtAg-SiO2, FePtCu-SiO2

Material for Magnetic record and HARD DISK

for recording films CoCrPt-SiO2(*), FePt, CoCrPt-O,
CoCrPt-TiO2, Fe3O4, CoCrPt-B
FePt-MgO(-SiO2,-ZrO2) etc
for Soft magnetic undercoat films Fe-Si, Fe-C, Fe-Ta-N, Fe-Al-Si,
Co-Zr-Nb, ZnFe2O4, (Zn,Ni)Fe2O4, etc.
for antiferromagnetic films Ru-Rh, Pt-Mn, Ir-Mn etc.
for undercoat films CoCr-SiO2, CoCr-TiO2, Ru-SiO2,
Ru, Ru-Co, Ni-Ta etc.
for seed films MgO, CoO, NiO, Ni-Al etc.
for half-metal ferromagnetic films (La1-x Srx)MnO3, Co2FeSi
Sr2FeMoO6, Sr2CrReO6, Ca2FeReO6, etc


Material for Display

external moisture-barrier/protective film Si-α, Si3N4, Si3N4-Si etc.
Hydrophilic film SrO2, Sr(DPM)2, CaOx, Ca(DPM)2 etc.
Electron-Injection Layer CsF, LiF, LiO2, アルカリ金属媒体 etc.
Metal Electrode Al, Ag, Cu, Mg-Al, Mg-Ag, Pt-Cr, etc.
Transparent Electrode ITO, ZnO-X, TiO2-X, SnO2-X etc.
for Antirelection films High-n:TiO2, Nb2Ox, SrTiO3 etc.
Low-n:SiO2, SiAlN etc.


Y type YBa2Cu3Ox, Y2BaCuOx, Substitution type
Nd type NdBa2Cu3Ox, Nd4Ba2Cu2Ox, Substitution type
Sm type SmBa2Cu3Ox, Sm2BaCuOx, Substitution type
Gd type GdBa2Cu3Ox, Gd2BaCuOx, Substitution type
Mixed Crystal type RE-BaCuOx (RE:Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Substitution type)
Mn type La1-xSrxMnO3, Pr1-xCaxMnOy
Buffer layer SrTiO3, LaAlO3, MgO, YSZ
CeO2, BaSnO3,
BaO2, CaO2, SrO2
SrAl0.5Ta0.5O3, SrAl0.5Nb0.5O3

Material for Ferroelectric Substance

For Gate Insulator La2O3, La2O3-Mox, HfO2, Y2O3
HfO2-Al2O3 etc.
For Ferroelectric Substance PZT:Pb(Zr, Ti)O3, PZTN:Pb(Zr,Ti)Nb2O8
PLZT:(Pb, La)(Zr, Ti)O3, PLT:PbLaTiOx
KTN:K(Ta, Nb)O3, BLT:(Bi, La)4Ti3O12
BNT:(Bi, Nd)4Ti3O12,
For Electrode Pt, Ir, Ru, RuO2, SrRuO3
(La, Sr)CoO3, Ti, TiN, TiOx, Ta, etc.
For Thin Film Capacitor BST:(Ba, Sr)TiO3

Material for Cells

空気極材料 LSM, SSC, LaNiO3, LSC-YSZ
Bi2Ru2O7, SSC-SDC etc.
燃料極材料 SDC, YDC, SDZ, YSZ
BCY:BaCeYO3 etc.
電解質材料 Ni-SDC, Ni-YSZ, Ni-BCY
Ni-YSZ etc.

Thin-film lithium-ion battery

正極材料 LiNiO2, LiCoPO4, Li3PO4
LiMn2O4 , LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2
LiFePO4, LiCoO2, etc.
負極材料 Si-Co, Si-Cu, Sn-Si, Sn-Mg,
Sn-Si-Cu, Li4Ti5O12 etc
電解質 Li3PO4, Li6BaLa2Ta2O12 etc

Various types of thin-film solar cells

透明電極 ZnO-Al2O3, SnO-SB2O3 etc.
反射防止膜 NbOx, MgF2, SiO2-TiO2,
MgF2-SiO2 etc.
バッファ層 ZnS, ZnO etc
光吸収層 Cu-In, Cu-Ga, Si-Ge etc
透明半導体層 SnO2, InGaZnO4, CuAlO2 etc

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