Philosophy on protection of the global environment

Human development, such as scientific progress and economic growth, enriches our lives. In today’s world, it is commonplace to live with little or no inconvenience. It is no use saying that the global environment is declining in inverse proportion to our development. OESTEC thinks that it is necessary to seriously consider the global environment because there is no inconvenience now. Rather, as a social responsibility, companies need to raise their awareness more than individuals, don’t they? As a company, OESTEC is in the following initiatives:

Approach toward Global environmental protection

Corporate philosophy

Our company strives to contribute to society as an “environmentally friendly company” based on environmental conservation and improvement in business development based on electronic materials.

Management Philosophy

By expanding our business development, we will focus on the following points while maximized customer satisfaction.

  1. Improve customer satisfaction with accurate and rapid response
  2. By identifying and promoting sales development, we have created our own fields.
  3. Business development based on the reuse of resources

"Basic Skeletons" for "Environmental Management"

With regard to the electronic materials related to our business, we will strive to accelerate our business, including resource recovery, while always taking into account the environmental impact, and strive to reduce energy to our business.

"Basic Policy" for "Environmental Management"

As a starting point for our efforts in environmental management, we will work on the following key items while making thorough education and training.

  1. As a practice of footing, we have an attitude to learn about the environment.
  2. Manifestation of environmental impact related to the company and efforts to reduce the load
  3. Focus on the development and improvement of business related to resource reuse

Efforts to protect the spherical environment

acquiring ISO

As a trading company, we acquired ISO9001 in 2008 at an early timing, and since then, we have specialized in “customer satisfaction improvement” in accordance with our acquisition experience, and are working on corporate development while conducting process audits aimed at ensureing “quality and delivery time” by taking control of logistics from the customer’s perspective.

Promoting CSR Procurement

In our company, globalization is progressing, the ratio of overseas procurement is also rising, and the increase in the ratio of procurement from China in particular is remarkable. In the world, the fields of quality and safety management and information security are progressing among CSR initiatives, but supply chain management is still behind, and the need for CSR audits of suppliers is increasing. In the event that there is no CSR promotion or improvement for companies with human rights, labor, or wage issues, the Company declares that it will promote CSR procurement with a strong stance, including measures such as suspension of transactions. Supply chain management is the most delayed in CSR initiatives, particularly CSR audits and support for suppliers. Quality, safety, information security, and environmental initiatives are progressing, but there is little awareness of human rights and labor issues. Recently, there have been an increasing number of cases in which CSR risks related to overseas subsidiaries and supply chains of Japanese companies have actually materialized. There are a lot of human rights violations, labor unions, working conditions, employment and wage problems mainly in developing countries, and it is a problem that Japanese companies have hardly considered a risk.