Specializing in materials for Power Device & 5G

OSTECH Services Services

Quotation support

The next day’s answer is the basis. If our answer is delayed, we’ll let you know. We select the best manufacturer and recommend the material.

Manufacturer’s support

We recommend it to our customers, especially in preference to partner manufacturers. We respond to customers in detail by acting as a manufacturer sales representative. We are good at sales to semiconductor users in China.


More than 40 years of experience in semiconductors and rare metals by making full use the worldwide networks. We will advise and recommend materials.

What I'm good at

We specialize in power devices, 5G-related materials, special rare metals, sputtering targets, etc. Our specialty is compound semiconductor wafers and raw material sources.

Short delivery time

In negotiations with manufacturers, we will adjust to the customer’s requested delivery date as much as possible.

Materials in China

Always check the Chinese material manufacturers for factory tours (quality control checks) and president interviews (opinion of sales to Japan, etc.) First of all, we go and confirm that we can recommend it, and then recommend it to our customers.

Technical Consultants

With more than 40 years of experience, we are a technical consultant by interacting with technical engineer’s in various fields, mainly semiconductors.