In modern times, the use of air conditioners is almost 100%, isn’t it? At any rate, if it is a home, the scale increases when it becomes a company, and the influence on the earth is immeasly. Therefore, OESTEC abolished the old model of air conditioners and introduced air conditioners that are friendly to the earth. In order to save money, we decided to continue to use older models, use air conditioners more efficiently, and reduce the burden on the earth, rather than using inefficient air conditioners.

Non-Freon Products

New refrigerant: New air conditioner using R410. By not using freon gas, which deals a great deal of damage to the ozone layer, it will surely reduce damage to the earth.

Inverter function

By introducing an inverter model with a high COP (performance coefficient), it is possible to drive efficiently with less energy even with the same air conditioner.

Models applicable to the Green Act

We aim to build a sustainable society by promoting procurement and purchase of environmental goods and products with low environmental impact.

Replaceable product

Products that can be used as it is refrigerant piping that has been used so far. Because there is no need for new construction work, it can be installed without using extra resources.

Newly introduced


Post-Introduction Effects

Savings on electricity bill

Because it is difficult to calculate the electricity bill of only the air conditioner, it is not written.