One of the differences between companies and individuals, isn’t it the consumption of paper media? Individuals don’t have many opportunities to print out, but when it comes to companies, they have the opportunity to print out in large quantities. Printouts should be minimal for documents and work that are required to be submitted to public authorities, and the rest will be converted to PDF or text files. We aim for a business style that makes the most of the paperless system that accumulates each document on the server and does not put out paper as much as possible.

Fax data

Instead of printing out the faxes they send out one by one, we have a system that stores them in the server and browses them. Of course, you can also send directly from your computer when you send from here, so there is almost no use of paper. Minimize paper consumption by minimizing printing requirements.

Data of quotations and materials

It not only converts estimates and materials into data (pdf) to protect resources, but also improves work efficiency and space saving.

Newly introduced

  • RICOH MP C3300
  • HP Network server

Post-Introduction Effects

Print Counts
February 2004 4,700 sheets – June 2020 1,000 Cost savings of 76% (3,700 sheets) per month