We introduced the fuel cell hydrogen vehicle MIRAI, a pollution-free vehicle, from the “Prius”, a hybrid car that is friendly to the earth as a company car.

Since the Prius is a hybrid of electricity and gasoline, it has contributed to the reduction of basic exhaust gas and the protection of resources by improving fuel efficiency, but this time, we finally decided to tackle environmental problems with hydrogen vehicles with an exhaust gas of 0. First of all, OSTEC believes that reforms from familiar places are important.


Improving fuel economy

By making company vehicles hydrogen vehicles, the consumption of fossil fuels can be 0, contributing to the effective use of resources.
Reduce the negative impact of exhaust gas on the global environment

Reduce the adverse effects of exhaust gas on the global environment

With 0 exhaust gas vehicles, the burden on the earth is reduced as much as possible.

Newly introduced


Post-Introduction Effects

Gasoline → hydrogen
October 2021 12,600 → Dec 2021 JPY 6,300
Cost reduction of 50% (6,300 yen) per unit