• White powder
  • For PET catalyzer, BGO crystal, raw materials for organic Germanium
  • High purity: GeO2≧99.9999% (12 kinds of impurities, such as Fe. Co, Ni, have been measured)
  • Lost weight:≦0.6%(toasted in 820℃)
Appellation Germanium dioxide
Formula GeO2
Technical norms 1.Outward appearance:white powder
2.Purity 99.9999%(analysis Fe、Cu、Pb、Ni、Mg、Co、Zn、In、Cr、Al,10kinds of impurities)
3.Chlorine Impurity Quantity < 0.05%
4.Ignition loss <0.6%
Product packing method Inner packing: plastic bottle, Outer packing: paper case;
Containers are available in capacities of 1kg,2kg and 5kg

Orgamic Gemanium (Ge-132)

  • For medicine, function food, health protection and cosmetic, improving the immunity of organism.
  • Purity: Ge-132: ≧99.5% Ge: 42.5-43%
  • Deleterious impurity: Pb<1ppm; As<1ppm; Hg<1ppm,Cl―:≦0.05%(500ppm)H2O: ≦0.5%(105℃)
Appellation Organic Germanium(Ge-132)
Formula (GeCH2CH2COOH)2O3
Product Property White powder, Slightly acidity, boiling point is up 320℃.At 25℃(1atm) Ge-132of 1g is soluble in water of 100g
Technical norms Purity ≧ 99.5%
Volatile content ≦ 0.5%
Deleterious impurity :Pb<1ppm,As <1ppm,Hg <1ppm
Product packing method Inner packing is double plastic bag, outer packing is plastic bottle. The max-packing is 500g



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