• For the windows and lenses of IR filter, CO2 Laser and infrared imaging systems
  • Maximum Diameter: Ø300mm for single crystal; 380mm for polycrystal
  • Various shape: rod, disc, rectangle, lenses, etc

Product Properties

Refractive Index(@10μm)4.0026
Homogeneity of Refractive Index≦1.0×10-4 (Φ250mm)
Bulk Absorption Coefficient(@10μm,cm-1)≦0.03
Rupture Modulus(Mpa)≧75

Technical Index

Transparent region (μm)1.8—23
Hardness (kg/mm2 )800
Yonug’s Modulus(Gpa)103
Thermal Conductivity(Wcm-1k-1)59
Thermal Expansion Coefficient(/℃)6.1×10-6
Posson ratio0.28
Melting point(/℃)937
Specific heat (Cal/g.k.)0.074
Dielectric constant16
Resistivity (Ωcm)0.01–50

the listed index are from reference book, may be different from our products, more special requirements should be discussed individually.


Monocrystalline and polycrystalline cylinder blanks
Largest Diamester(mm)300(mono-crystalline)
Tolerance on diameterstandard 0.1mm; limit 0.03mm
Thicknessminimum 0.8mm,maximum: depends on the diameter,
Examplefor Φ25mm,max length 600mm;
Φ200mm,max.length 200mm
Tolerance on thicknessStandard:0.1mm,limit:0.05mm(thickness ≦40mm)
Monocrystalline and polycrystalline rectangular blanks
Maximum dimensions200*200mm
Tolerance on these dimensions0.1mm
Minimum thicknessdepend on the dimensions,example for diagonal≦150mm,thickness≧2mm;
Tolerance on thicknessstandard 0.1mm(thickness≦100mm)
Spherical generated lens
Diameterfrom 15 to 200mm
Tolerance on diameterstandard 0.1mm; limit 0.03mm
Tolerance on curvaturesstandard0.5%; limit 0.05%
Tolerance on center thicknessstandard0.1mm; limit 0.05mm
Special shapes
Monocrystalline and polycrystalline prisms
Monocrystalline and polycrystalline tapers

This table just show the general specification of our products, more special requirements could be discussed individually.



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