Focus lens units for YAG laser

This is a focusing unit of transmitted beam by fiber. Transmitted beam by fiber have a dispersion and to focus this beam is more difficult than pallael light. This unit can focus transmitted beam(for N.A=0.2, 0.16). This unit is composed of two parts. One is collimate lens part, and other is focus lens part.

  • This unit is of use to focus constant magnification despite core diameter of fiber.
  • This unit is of use to focus constant magnification despite core diameter of fiber.
  • To change focus lens part, diameter of beam spot is change.
  • This lenses were coated YAG AR.
  • Focus lens part can be used for pallael light.


NA=0.2用 ホルダ外径(mm) レンズ外径(mm) バックフォーカスBf(mm) コア径1mm時の集光スポットサイズφ(mm)
コリメートレンズ 倍率 集光レンズ
F100 0.7 F70 60 50 45.91 0.71
  1.0 F100 73.00 1.03
  1.5 F150 119.50 1.53
  2.0 F200 170.60 2.04



NA=0.16用 ホルダ外径(mm) レンズ外径(mm) バックフォーカスBf(mm) コア径1mm時の集光スポットサイズ(mm)
コリメートレンズ 倍率 集光レンズ
F80 0.7 F56 44 34 34.96 0.70
  1.0 F80 57.58 1.00
  1.3 F100 79.96 1.30
  2.0 F160 137.40 2.00
  2.5 F200 175.35 2.50


※ 在庫品となります。コリメート部、集光レンズ部単体での販売も致します。詳細についてはお問い合わせ下さい。
※ 他波長対応の場合はコーティングからの見積もりとなります。ご了承下さい。
※ 透過損失は全体で≦3%となっています。

Water-cooled/Air-cooled laser head, Beam expander

  • We can custemize and remodel laser head for water-cooled system or air-cooled system,
  • We have an experience to make laser head for homogenize beam unit, focus lens unit etc.

Water-cooled folder

  • When high power laser beam radiate mirror in continuity, thermal energy occur in the area irradiated. As a result, digradation of laser mode occur by thermal effect increased. In some cases, mirror is damaged by laser. Water-cooled folder solve thermal problem by cooling efficiently.

Beam homogenizer

  • Usually, transverse mode of laser beam have nearly a gaussian profile. If gaussian beam used for laser machining, processed surface is inequable form between center and edge. Beam homogenizer transfer laser beam and make a top-hat beam. Top-hat beam have a homogeneous radiation. homogenizer is used for beam sharping device too(e.g. square beam, and line beam).
  • We can design for many homogenizer which are fly-eye lens unit, kaleidoscope(rod integrator), trapezoidal prism, DOE etc.
  • Every homogenizer have transmission loss is average 3-20%.
  • We can supply only homogenizer or homogenizer unit contained focus lenses and laser head.

※ 加工レーザーヘッドとしてメーカーへの多くの納入実績があります。御問い合わせ下さい。

CCD motitaring system for laser welding and laser machining

  • This is unit for moniter surface of sample. It is use for do laser machining and moniter surface at the same time.

Other appllication

  • ファイバー入射ユニットやレーザー用ケース、レーザースキャナ等、特注依頼を承っています。ご連絡下さい。


  • 特殊レンズ、ミラー、プリズムの各種特注可能です。また各種コーティング、光学システムについてもお問い合わせ下さい。

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