FS is straight style and good to vaporize a bit for Al which easy to react. FH is helical coil style and good to vaporize more materials faster. FB is basket style and good for shot materials. Standard materials are Tungsten

Products name Size Wire Size Order No.
FS-1 Φ0.5 x 3tw V10401
Φ0.8 x 3tw V10402
Φ1.0 x 3tw V10403
FS-2 Φ0.5 x 3tw V10404
Φ0.8 x 3tw V10405
Φ1.0 x 3tw V10406
FH-1 Φ0.8 x 3tw V10421
Φ1.0 x 3tw V10422
FH-2 Φ0.5 x 3tw V10423
Φ0.8 x 3tw V10424
FH-3 Φ0.8 x 3tw V10425
Φ1.0 x 3tw V10426
FB-1 Φ1.0 x 1tw V10441
FB-2 Φ0.6 x 3tw V10442

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