FAN-170 (Standard) FAN-200 (High Thermal Conductivity)
Thermal Conductivity W/m·K(RT) 170 200
Heat radiation (100ºC) 0.93
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 10-6/ºC(RT~400ºC) 4.5
Volume Resistively Ω·cm(RT) >1013
Dielectric Strength kV/mm(RT) 15
Dielectric Constant (1MHz) 8.8
Dielectric Loss 104(1MHz) 5
Bending Strength kgf/mm2 35
Density g/cm3 3.3
Y wt% 3.5
Impurities (Representative Value) ppm Total < 500 C=150 , Fe=13 , Si=50 , Ca=170 , Mg=10 , Ti=10 Cr<1.7 , Cu<1.9 , Ni<6.6 , Na<5


  • High Thermal Conductivity and Heat Radiation, Excellent Thermal Uniformity.
  • Best Mach for Si wafer with Low Thermal Expansion.
  • High resistivity to thermal shock.
  • Various metallization possible


Substrate Size (MAXj)□200 (mm)
Thickness 0.25~1(mm)
Surface Roughness Ra ≦ 0.8 (μm)
Laser process 適宜対応可

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