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Micro Resist Technology Products - Micro Resist Technology -

Various resist medicines of the Micro Resist Technology Products are sold as a sole agency in Japan of Micro Resist Technology.
Please feel free to contact me when there are a question and a demand, etc.

Negative photoresists for UV & electron beam lithography

  • ma-N 400
  • ma-N 1400
  • ma-N 2400
  • mr-EBL 6000 and mr-UVL 600
  • EpoCore and EpoClad

Different negative photoresists series designed for various applications
- conventional pattern transfer
- lift-off process
- use as permanent material E

Ready-to-use solutions in a variety of viscosities

Materials for Nanoimprint Lithography

  • Thermoplastics
  • Curing polymers (thermosets)
  • UV-curable polymers

Excellent fi lm quality
* Coating of various substrate materials, e.g. Si, SiO2, Al
* Attainable smallest feature size at least 50 nm (depending on mould resolution)
* Excellent pattern transfer fi delity
* Safe solvents

Hybrid Polymers

  • Ormocomp
  • Ormocore
  • Ormoclad
  • Ormostamp

Excellent transparency
* Excellent mechanical properties
* High chemical and physical stability
* Excellent pattern transfer fi delity
* Ready-to-use solutions
* Solvent-free

Positive Photoresists

  • ma-P 1200 Series
  • ma-P 1275
  • ma-P 1275 HV

Sensitivity to g-line, i-line or broadband exposure
* No post exposure bake
* Easy removal
* Ready-to-use resist solutions in a variety of viscosities
* Broad process window and easy to handle