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Introduction of new Products

We will introduce the material which will put the power in the future in our company.

SiC Single Crystal Wafer

  • SiC N-type 6” wafer
  • SiC High Purity Semi-Insulating 4” wafer/li>

GaNSingle Crystal Wafer

  • GaN N-type 2” wafer
  • GaN Semi-Insulating 2 wafer

GaN on Sapphire Template

  • GaN on Sapphire Templates 4” wafer
  • GaN on Sapphire Templates 2” wafer

AlN on Sapphire Template

  • AlN on Sapphire Templates2” wafer

InP Single Crystal Wafer

  • InP 2”wafer
  • InP 3”wafer
  • InP 4”wafer